SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! What's going on with my joints?

Many of us experience different sounds in our joints and there is a lot of confusion about what these sounds are and what it means? Check out the video below:

In general our joints make 3 different sounds:

1. Pop (or “crack”): This is an audible sound that generally only happens once and then there is a “recovery time” before you can hear it again. This is the sound you generally hear with an adjustment and to put it simply it a gas that is leaving the joint.

2. Crackle: This is typically known as “crepitus” in the joint and is often the same reason as the “pop.” Technically its the same as as “cracking your knuckles” where the tiny bubbles in your joint suddenly pop. In more rare instances it can be associated with joint damage, injury or infection.

3. Snap: This is probably the most common one people experience. Sometimes the tiny muscle in your body become tight and they start to “snap” over the small bony processes (a fancy term for bumps) that exist on our bones.

Do you experience any of these? Determining the cause of the sounds that your joints are making could be important to prevent further damage especially in the future. Book your assessment online!

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